Watch Out for These Car Repair Fraudulent Schemes

As car owner, you know that part of it is maintenance. It is vital that you find an honest mechanic. Professional mechanics may be a bit expensive but their service is worth it.

Besides, he is taking care of something very valuable to you. Sadly, there are only a few shops that are dependable. Why? Because there are more repair complaints happening every day. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives an estimation of $10 billion dollars loss every year because of incorrect or needless car repairs.

man fixing car

To help you, here are the top 3 repair frauds you need to be aware of.

  • Verbal Agreement

    • This is the most common scam in car repairs. You bring your car to a shop and you tell the mechanic your concerns. Then, you are immediately given a verbal estimate. The problem now is that the amount  discussed is NOT the actual cost.
    • The lesson to learn here is to always ask for a written estimate indicating the repairs to be done and the price of the job. If there is NO written breakdown of repairs, you will be shocked upon receiving the total bill.
    • Make certain that there are no blank spaces so that the mechanic cannot just supply anything on the empty space. Then, you are sure that you will not pay more than what is written on the estimation.
  • Repairs Using Old Parts

    • This is such an old dirty trick! When you need to change a part or two in your car, it is understood that the replacement are new. To assure this, tell your mechanic you want new parts instead of old parts. Do not assume; make sure that the mechanic will not put old parts and charge you the price for new parts.

    • To avoid this, ask the mechanic to inform you what parts he is ordering for your car and where. You can try calling up the supplier to find out the price and if the mechanic from the shop, indeed, ordered the particular parts he told you about.
    • Ask the mechanic for receipts, packaging, warranty, or any paperwork that came with the order. You could also ask him to give you the old parts that was taken from your car.
  • Bait and Switch Repair

    • Repair shops would start with a relatively cheap repair cost. For instance, a tune up for only $50.00. Then, you agree because it’s an inexpensive repair. However, the mechanic will tell you that your car needs this and that repair.
    • The end price is no longer $50.00 but $350.00!!! If you are not aware of this fraud, chances are you will believe the mechanic.
    • Ask the mechanic to put your car off the rack and firmly tell the shop that you are no longer interested. It’s time to get a second opinion.


 Be aware of these scams and do not fall for these lies. If you need a reliable repair shop, you can always count on Chaney’s Collision Center. To schedule a car repair, you may call the Chaney’s Collision Center at (623) 915-2886.