5 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

Your car won’t start, huh? If you have done a thing or two, there are other possible causes. Here is a list that could help you.

  • You have corrosion in your battery

    Well,  you need to dirty your hands a bit as corrosion is fatal to your car battery. Check it first and then clean your battery’s posts to have a tidy, full connection. Then, try to start your car one more time. Later on, if you find an auto store near your place you can ask the staff there to show you the right products and tell you how to clean your battery properly. And oh, make it a habit to check your battery from time to time so you don’t have to spend time to fix your battery before an important meeting. 

  • Terrible starter motor

    The starter motor is in-charge for rotating the engine over and get the motor to fire. You will know if there is something wrong if…

    • There is a clicking noise the minute you turn the key or press the start button.
    • Lights are on but no movement.
    • Engine just won’t crank.
    • There is smoke because of overheating. Time to call for help!
    • Oil has drenched the starter. If this is the case, then you need to have a fresh one installed right away.

vehicle engine bay

  • Bad timing belt

  • This allows the engine’s valves to open and close at the right gaps . So, make sure that the valves and pistons do not contact. Timing belt is the vital maintenance among the other things in your engine. If it fails, well, you need to change your engine and that will cost you a lot! Car manufacturers tell you when to have it changed and most of the time it is measured by mileage. Usually, interval is every 60,000 miles or every five years.
  • Damaged or broken distributor cap

    Its function is to course the voltage from the ignition coil of the engine going to the spark plugs. If moisture sets underneath the can, it could be a problem. Clean the moisture with a clean and dry cloth even before you put it back. Do not forget to replace your broken cap.

  • Bad ignition coil

    This part converts the battery’s voltage to an electric spark. If it is damage, there is an efficient supply of juice to that part. To check this, you need a multimeter to know the power of the current that is running in the coil. If there is an issue with your ignition coil, ask a professional technician if you need replacement right away.

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