5 Ordinary Things That Can Damage Your Car’s Finish

Here are the ordinary things that will incredibly affect your car’s finish and its appearance.

  • Insects 

    Their remains can really smudge across windshields, auto grills, and bodies are not just so gross and gruesome, it can likewise damage the finish of our car. The rotting carcasses can destroy your car’s finish uncovering it to the factors and dry areas. Remove the waste of collected insects and do this as often as you can. 

  • Bird waste 

    Typically, this is the kind of menace that occurs during summer time and difficult to avoid. Bird’s waste has digestive acids to it and just like the acidic beverages and insect remains, this one is such a pest! Furthermore, the bird’s waste contains abrasives that makes it easy to penetrate through the paint. Use water and detergent for this. Make sure you do it right away and as frequent as you can unless you don’t mind a trip to the auto body shop!

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  • UV rays

    Well, if you are a person who loves the beach scene, you know how the sun can affect your skin. That goes with your car too! The UV rays from it can truly damage the finish of your car and like your skin will make your car look older. After a while, the sun’s rays wears your car’s paint that leaves it dull and discolored. Better to park on a shaded area or put a cover on your car to lessen the possible heat damage.

  • Acidic beverages

    We all love to bring in beverages in our car, right? Sometimes, we even put them on top of the exterior of our car. The problem there is that the car’s arch and inclined shapes in every surface of its exterior were never designed to balance our beverages. So they tilt, tumble, and spill and that could be so nasty. Not just because you have to trouble yourself to clean up later but you see, acidic beverages like your favorite soda, beer, coffee, and other liquid drinks can really wear away your car’s finish if you do not tidy up well and quickly too.

  • Tree saps

    Often times,  we pay attention to the body of the car and neglect to inspect the roof of our car. That part is unprotected from the heat of the sun and tree sap. Mind you, tree sap is such a difficult thing to clean and the most harmful. You must know that the sap of the tree have chemicals that is damaging to the finish and the paint of your car. You need to clean the sticky permanent adhesive with a finish-safe cloth and a tiny amount of the right polishing or rubbing compound. Finally, wash it with running water thoroughly.

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You might have overlooked these things not knowing that your car’s finish has been suffering for some time, you can still do something about it. Go to Chaney’s Collision Center in order to restore your car back to its former glory. For a much needed car repair and maintenance, you can call Chaney’s Collision Center at (623) 915-2886.