Why You Should Pay Attention to Auto Body Shop Reviews

Business reviews say a lot about the quality of service an establishment provides. So if you’re headed to a new auto body shop, it’s a sin not to check their online reviews. Such reviews may reveal a make-or-break fact about the shop that will save you from the hassle that other customers have experienced.

Remember, your car is a big investment, so you only want the best hands to repair it. And to ensure that the shop is the best fit for your vehicle, you have to pay attention to reviews. Here are some reasons why:

It gives you a firsthand account of customers’ experience

If you want to know how an auto body shop treats customers, online reviews are your go-to resource. Previous customers will usually write in detail about how the staff went about the necessary repairs.

However, you shouldn’t take every review seriously. Take note that angry customers are more likely to leave a review.

You’ll get to know the work ethic of the shop

If this is your first time using the services of a certain shop, you have to check how they deal with customers. Any rude behavior mentioned in the reviews is a red flag. Avoid short reviews and try to look for more detailed entries. This way, you’ll get a better view of the service.

It helps establish the credibility of the shop

Forums and online reviews are the best sources of word-of-mouth references for a specific business. So if you want to check the credibility of an auto body shop, look for a local forum for auto repair shops. If the shop has been in operation for years, there would be a bunch of discussions and reviews about them.

This feedback reflects the credibility of the shop, how well they provide their service, and what else they can improve. Also, online forums are the best way to know about possible promos and price estimates.

You’ll know what to avoid 

No auto repair shop is perfect, so you should be a little forgiving when dealing with negative reviews. If the customer seemed to be nitpicky, you should take the review with a grain of salt.

Even so, use the information to avoid potential problems. For example, if a shop is notorious for their hidden fees, you should ask for a breakdown of expenses before you proceed with the repairs. Also, always be meticulous and never hesitate to ask questions.

Beware of false reviews

When looking for reviews for auto shops, we recommend that you look for verified platforms that host legitimate entries. The likes of the Better Business Bureau is probably the most trustworthy of all review sites. That way, you’ll get an honest look at the business, and not just a flood of complaints from unhappy customers.

For auto shops, the likes of Auto Body Review and Carwise are the most reliable options. They use a star rating from verified customers so you’ll read honest and actual experience.

Also, try to look for testimonials and reviews that discuss your car’s model or something that’s similar to it.