Why You Need to Get Minor Bumper Damage Repaired

You don’t have to be involved in a collision need auto body collision repair. There are many instances where a car needs auto body repair without every being involved in a crash. The weather can take its toll on your car and so can vandalism. But one common reason for auto body repair is to remove minor bumper damage. Whether it’s a small knock from another car or from you hitting the side of a wall, curb, or lampost while driving, bumpers can take one hell of a beating without falling off. Because damage to our bumpers is often small, many people don’t bother to get them repaired. This isn’t always the best strategy. Not only does minor bumper damage make your car look ugly, there are several other, more important reasons why you need to get the damage repaired.

Your Safety

Your car has bumpers for a very good reason: To protect you and your passengers and all of the important parts of your car like its engine if you are involved in a head-on or rear collision. But even the slightest amount of damage to your bumper can ruin its structural integrity. If either your bumper absorbers or bumper bar are damaged, you and your entire vehicle are at risk in a collision. Not only that, but the amount of damage to your car will be much higher than if they were in perfect condition, which means more expensive repairs.


Your Car’s Resale Value

If you are trying to sell your car, getting your bumpers repaired should be a priority. Damaged bumpers are a huge red flag for potential buyers as they suggest much bigger problems could exist. A cheap repair could add on hundreds of dollars to your car’s resale value.


Future Insurance Claims

Taking the example from the first point about future collisions, let’s say one does happen to you. Thankfully, you are okay but your car is severely damaged by a head-on collision that was your fault. You want to get your insurer to pay for the repairs, so they send round an agent to inspect the damage. If this agent notices the old bumper damage and suspects that it weakened the structural integrity of the bumpers which caused more damage to occur in this latest collision, they may decline your claim completely. This will have you paying for all of your own repairs out of your own pocket.


Get Your Bumpers Repaired Today by a Collision Repair Center You Trust

If this article has made you think harder about getting your minor bumper damage repaired, we’d be happy to help. Give us a call today or bring your vehicle into one of our repair centers for a free quote.