Which Car Color Gets Dirtiest the Quickest?

Color is one of the primary considerations when buying a car. Aside from the aesthetics, many people believe that some colors are safer on the road or a specific color won’t get dirty easily. When it comes to purchasing a car, the color is probably one with the most myths.

So which car color gets dirtiest the quickest? Does color really have something to do with it? Read on.

Car color and dirt

Here’s the truth: the color of your car has nothing to do with how easy it gets dirty. The frequency of use does. As much as each car owner has varying feelings and beliefs about this, the hue of the vehicle is nothing but color.

The accumulation of dirt in your car varies based on different factors. The most common here is the degree of usage. If you often take long drives on a dusty road, expect that your vehicle will get more dirt in just a short period. This is regardless of whether you have a white, red, black, or whatever color.

We think that the relation of car color and dirt stems from how we see dirt. For white cars, a thin layer of dust will be obvious at a glance. However, if you have a darker car color, the dust will be less noticeable. In short, the dirt is equally present; you just don’t see it well.

Still, your car color has something to do with ease of maintenance. All owners of white cars will agree that it’s not the easiest to clean. Even the tiniest blotches of dirt will show up.

Use car color to hide dirt

If you’re not very enthusiastic about cleaning your car weekly, you should choose a color that hides dirt well. Take note that dark isn’t always the best option for this.

Opt for light shades like khaki, beige, champagne, or tan. All of these allow light dust to go unnoticed. It’s just a small detail that you can consider if you don’t really have a preferred color.

If you don’t find the mentioned colors appealing, you can also consider grays, light brow, and silvers. These colors look clean even if it has a thin layer of dust.

What are the ‘dirtiest’ colors?

If there’s a clean-looking color, there’s also a color that doesn’t look good once a layer of dust gets into the surface. Black is known as the dirtiest color even with only a slight hint of dust. Like white colors, it tends to highlight spots.

During the rainy season, black cars will be mired with white circles due to dried water spots, droppings, pollen, and other outdoor dirt. And if you live in an area with dirt roads, black cars will be a pain when it comes to cleaning.

Final words

In the end, car colors don’t have anything to do on how fast it gets dirty. It’s just that some colors are great in hiding dirt, while others tend to highlight even the slightest hint of dust. Overall, only a few car buyers consider which color looks clean or not.