When to Change the Timing Chain of Your Engine

Everybody is aware that a timing belt has to be changed at an advisable service periods, but do you know when to change the timing chain? What is the distinction between a timing belt and a timing chain? The timing belt is a tooth belt reinforced by good quality of rubber. It moves outside of an engine and protected by a cover.

Meanwhile, a timing chain is done in metal and is identical to the chain of a bicycle. It moves within the engine because it requires to be greased by the engine oil. Also, it has to be replaced between 40,000 and 100,000 miles, which is dependent on the kind of vehicle. A few dollars can repair it.gray engine bay

Does the timing chain resistant to mechanical malfunction?

No, the timing chain concerns are not unusual, specifically in vehicles with high-mileage. Just like the other mechanical parts within the engine, it can be overused and it undergoes the natural wear and tear.

An inferior type of oil will result to a quicker deterioration of the timing chain. It is held through correct tension if a chain tensioner. It performs by oil pressure or spring-loaded mechanism meaning it functions by a spring within.

Silencers and chain guides help the timing chain not to vibrate, and these parts will all deteriorate. So, will you know if it is worn out? It is when the engine seems lazy or when you are having a hard time starting the car.

Watch out for the check engine light

When the chain wears, it will expand, and that will make the ignition and valve timing turn to be more delayed. The timing chain can likewise generate different kind of noises, and these noises can be whimpering, buzzing, humming, and howling.

If the timing chain is damaged, normally, it is changed as a kit, replacing with newer guides, tensioner, and other portion of the chain drive mechanism. A lot of cars have two or three chains within their motors, and most of the time, the auto center shop could suggest that you change all the three at the same time. Changing the timing chain may be from $370 to $1,500, depending on the car model.

If you are thinking of changing the timing chain by yourself, you need to know the correct method to fix it. Check the service manual of your car before attempting to do it.

Avoiding problems in the future

To prevent having timing chain problems, you need to retain the good condition of your engine and make sure to change the engine oil at the suggested gaps. For best performance, use premium kind of engine oils and oil filters. It is good to check the oil level to make certain that the timing chain is lubricated at all times.

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