When Should You Touch up Your Car’s Paint Job

Our cars’ paint job can look great as long as we clean them regularly. However, outdoor dirt, UV rays, and wear and tear can damage paint over time. This is something home remedies can’t fix alone. But knowing when the right time is for a professional touch up can be really tricky.

You can get advice from other car owners, but they may not know best either. Even YouTube videos and tutorials won’t be enough to handle the job on your own, especially if the damage is pretty obvious.

Are DIY methods effective?

We all want an easy fix for everything, including cracking and fading car paint. Also, not all car owners are willing to file for an insurance claim for something that isn’t urgent or related to an actual collision. Because of this, they resort to touching kits from hardware or online stores. Some of these kits can be as affordable as 20 bucks or as expensive as three grand.

These solutions work for small scratches for a short period of time. But in the case of more obvious marks, it may not be the best option. The damage can be hidden from a distance, but once you get close, you’ll see the ugly patches and inconsistency with the finish of the paint. Why does this happen? It’s because the repair kit does not match the paint manufacturers used to finish your car.

When to seek professional touch-ups?

As much as you may save money in the short run, paying for professional touch-ups can actually save you more. But when is it wiser to drop by the detailing shop? Here are some points to consider:

The need for an extensive paint job

Remember that commercially available touch-up kits are only for small chips. For larger issues, there’s a need to use special equipment only available in auto body shops. Technicians can also take a look at the possible damage beneath including your chassis, components, and so on.

Best results

There’s no denying that only the experts can provide the best results for your car. In the case of an old car model, it’s better to let the pros handle the fixing. With that, your vehicle will have a higher selling value. That’s something that DIY kits can’t produce.


Yes, you’ll save money using kits, but the results won’t always be optimal. When you keep purchasing these kits, the cost will pile up which you could’ve spent on professional touch-ups. Also, professional detailing ensures that the type of paint used will match the finish and original hue used on your car.

Preserving the quality of the vehicle

This is very much true for vintage cars. If you’re a car collector, it’s never wise to stick to DIY kits. Professional touch-ups ensure that your vehicle will retain its value, especially if you’re planning to sell it.

Remember, DIY touch-ups are only as good as its short-lived efficiency. If you invest in quality touch-ups, your car will have better paint condition.