What Car Maintenance Can You Do at Home?

For many car owners, it’s quite tempting to head to the nearest auto shop the minute they see something wrong with their car. This is a costly habit, but it can also be unnecessary. The truth is you can perform some car maintenance drills at home using specific tools.

Aside from saving money, performing some car maintenance steps will also let you know more about your vehicle. So before we proceed with some at-home car maintenance tips, make sure that you have your toolbox to hand. Get those screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and pry bars ready.

Tire change

Changing a tire is one skill that every driver should learn. You don’t have to drive to an auto shop just to replace a busted tire. Using a few wrenches and a spare tire, you can do the job in your garage. Also, your tire may need to be filled with more air if it’s veering to one side or is running softer than others.

Make sure that you use a tire pressure gauge to know what you’re doing. Also, check the sticker at the side of the driver door to know the right pressure for your tires.

Oil change

An oil change is one of the top maintenance procedures that a car needs. Usually, a vehicle will require an oil change once it reaches 5,000 miles or so. You only need an oil filter wrench, oil refill, and your car’s manual. By doing this on your own, you can save up to $20 or more instead of paying a technician to do it for you.

This may look like a small price, but it will accumulate over time, especially if you’re always on the road.

Wiper change

If your wiper blades get worn out, you don’t actually need a technician to have it replaced. You can purchase a blade replacement at almost any car supplies store. Just snap the old blades off and put the new ones one. Make sure that you run the wiper and see if it’s working properly.

This process will only take about 10 minutes and will save you a couple of dollars from auto shop visits.

Replacing or cleaning filters

Even after getting a filter replacement, you must clean it once in a while. This is so the filters will last longer and your car will run more smoothly. You have the option to wash or vacuum your car filters. This entire process will only take 20 minutes to finish. Aside from saving money, your filters will also last longer than usual.

If in doubt, your car’s manual is always handy. A quick skim through the instructions will make the job easy.

Final words

Performing DIY car maintenance will save you money from unnecessary auto shop visits. Still, if something is wrong with your vehicle after doing your at-home maintenance, you can always turn to an auto body technician for help.