The Car Tune-Ups That Will Save You Thousands

Car problems are costly, especially if left undiscovered for months. These expensive problems could have been avoided if you only avail of car tune-ups.

When it comes to maintaining your car, being proactive can save you thousands of dollars. Even if your car looks fine today, it can stop working all of a sudden. Many auto problems don’t always show symptoms until it reaches a breaking point.

What’s included in a car tune-up?

Car tune-ups are like routine appointments with your doctor. It aims to diagnose car problems before it becomes bigger and expensive to repair.

Moreover, tune-ups are intended to keep your car in tip-top shape. Each manufacturer will have a checklist for tune-ups to ensure that your vehicle is functioning well.

While tune-ups will cost a fee, it’s only a small sacrifice compared to the sum you’re giving to save from repairs. Besides, you can’t put a price on the safety a well-maintained car brings.

If you’re new to car tune-ups, the following are the basic inclusions:

Changing engine filters

Like air filters in your home, engine filters are intended to trap particles that could clog your car. It’s often located in the fuel, oil, air, and cabin areas.

Engine filters need to be replaced or cleaned periodically to prevent the dirt from causing congestion. Take note that debris accumulation can lead to poor fuel economy as well as overheating.

In the long run, changing your engine filters is much cheaper than paying for expensive engine repairs.

Fluid top-ups

A car uses different types of fluids to operate. This includes engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, wiper fluid, and so on. Like the filters, these fluids need to be checked and refilled from time to time.

During your car tune-up, a technician will check if the car fluids are contaminated or already running out. Take note that your vehicle’s fluids are crucial in ideal braking functions as well as your safety.

Belts and hoses check

A vehicle uses a series of belts in its engine. Due to regular wear and tear, these belts will inevitably sustain tears. Therefore, it needs to be replaced or repaired before it breaks.

The same goes for your car’s hoses. These hoses transport the fluids mentioned above. Any leaks, cracks, and signs of damages call for a replacement.

Fluid leaks are one of your biggest enemies on the road. Just imagine your brake fluids leaking in the middle of a high-speed highway – it’s extremely dangerous.

Spark plugs maintenance

Another part included in car tune-ups is your spark plugs. An auto technician will clean the spark plug or replace it if need be.

Spark plugs are just small components, but if it gets busted, your car will misfire or not start at all. It’s the reason why this part must be maintained regularly.


Car tune-ups are indispensable if you own a vehicle. It will save you from expensive car repairs that could cost thousands of bucks. Most of all, tune-ups ensure your vehicle’s roadworthiness. With big savings and guaranteed safety, there’s no excuse not to get your car tuned up.