Not All Automotive Paint Colors Are Created Equal

Car colors are more than just its appearance. Every color exudes different emotions and different maintenance levels. There are also practical aspects to consider, including safety and costs. If you’re still thinking of what car color to get, you should read this first.


White car color has been a popular choice for many years. It’s a top pick for ease of maintenance and the ability to deflect sunlight. This will help keep your vehicle’s interior cool during the summer months.

Also, white cars are more visible on the road during nighttime. This will greatly reduce your risk of accidents while driving. However, white isn’t the most stylish and flashiest option, but it sure excels in other aspects.


Often lauded for their sleek and ‘sexy’ look, black cars are also a popular pick. However, this color option can be quite frustrating, especially in terms of maintenance. Black paint highlights swirls, water spots, and minor dings.

Moreover, this car color absorbs heat, which will make your car interior warmer under direct sunlight. Unfortunately, studies also found that black cars have a 47% higher risk of encountering accidents on the road at night.


A champagne or taupe-colored car is similar to the color of dust. With this color, dirt and debris aren’t easily visible until it creates a thick layer on top of the paint. If maintained well, a champagne-colored car will be stunning to look at.

Since this color is also light, it doesn’t absorb too much heat. It will keep your car cooler while enjoying less maintenance.


Red is popular with those who want a flashy car without going overboard with the color. It’s a vibrant and bold color, but it does come with some downsides.

The color red is all over the road: traffic lights, stop signs, sirens, and so on. While this color can help reduce accidents, it has around 7% risk. Some drivers may mistake a red car for something else, which can lead to accidents.


Yellow cars are often attributed to taxi cabs, but it’s worth considering this color. Initial studies found that yellow is the safest car color, which could be why cab companies chose it.

However, yellow cars aren’t as common as white ones. It tends to cost more, and the waiting time would be much longer. But if you don’t mind splurging and standing out on the road, a yellow car would be a great pick.


Orange has been a rising color in the automotive industry. You’ve probably seen it on trucks like Isuzu D-Max or the compact SUV Ford EcoSport. It’s a chic color available in varying shades.

Like yellow and white, orange cars are easy to see on the road. This is because there are only a few orange elements on most roads, which allows the car to stand out.


The choice of car color will affect your safety, maintenance needs, and overall performance on the road. It’s important to be wise with your choice to make the most out of your investment. If ever you want to change your vehicle’s paint color, you can always consult your trusted auto body shop.