Know More About the Types of Alternators

There are three major parts of your vehicle’s electrical system: the battery, voltage regular, and alternator.

With the help of the battery, the alternator creates the power to make other car accessories function like audio, navigation systems, lights, and the heater.  There are many kinds of alternators and apps where they can be utilized aside from your vehicle.

Just one of the synchronous generator

Another name for alternator is synchronous generator, which is always utilized when outlining the major source of providing commercial electrical energy.

It is likewise used in power generator stations, which are all linked to the grid. They are chains of parts that produces electricity for both the commercial and residential properties.

In yachts, marine alternators are used. It is just like the vehicle alternator. This type of alternator is not affected by the salt-water surrounding nor does it explode to prevent brush flickering that could cause combustion of gas combinations in the equipment room. Bigger yachts needs two alternators that can manage larger load.

The electric locomotives of trains needs an alternator. The instigator here is a diesel engine that becomes an alternator. This provides electricity for the traction motors. Aside from giving power to trains, traction motors assist in transferring hybrid and absolute electric passenger vehicles.

During the olden times, alternator was used in radio transmissions. Eventually, because of its cost, it has become outdated.

person in gray jacket standing beside black motorcycle

Create electricity

Now, for cars, a typical car alternator has the following parts: stator, rotor, diode, and a voltage regulator. When you start your car, the power coming from the battery turn on the starter.  Then, the electricity passes through the copper wires going to the diode, which alters the electricity from AC to DC.

This produces the kind of current that the car battery can utilize. On the other hand, the voltage regulator watches the flow of the electricity going to the car battery closing off the flow when it attains 14.5 volts. This makes sure that the battery will not overcharge and wear out. This happens while the regulator transmits current to the battery as it depletes.

There might be a problem!

An alternator can be a source of problem to your car. There are signs that indicates that there is trouble such as weak headlights, hard time starting the car, dead battery, ghost lights and other signs.

To avoid inconvenience, soon as you see the indications, go to an auto repair shop before your car stops in the middle of nowhere. Do not take a chance.


When something is wrong with the alternator of your car, it could really be so distressing especially if you cannot trace the source of the problem. Do not waste your time and effort!

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