How to Tell if You Need a Diagnostic Repair Scan

Is there something wrong with your car? Do you feel like it needs a diagnostic repair scan? Deciding whether to get a diagnostic repair scan can be a tough decision to make. It’s not cheap and some car insurance companies won’t pay for it. Here, we will tell you when a diagnostic repair scan is needed and what you need to do.

What is a diagnostic repair scan?

This is the process of checking errors in your car’s computer system. It’s commonly performed on modern cars with automatic features.

By running this scan, the technician can identify errors and fix them ahead. Also, a diagnostic repair scan is crucial after a collision and other impact-related accident.

When to get a diagnostic repair scan?

Are you wondering when a diagnostic scan is necessary? Here are some of the usual scenarios when a scan might be required:

-The OEM says so

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) will provide general advice as to when a car should undergo a diagnostic repair scan. If there’s one rule you need to follow, this would be it.

Should issues be detected, OEMs will also have a repair procedure unique for every car model and problem at hand. To ensure that the repairs will be covered by insurance, your mechanic should follow the OEM standards.

-You’ve figured in an accident

If your car figured in an accident, a diagnostic repair scan is needed. This is to check if any parts of the computer system have been compromised during the accident.

Also, a diagnostic scan after an accident will ensure that the vehicle is in a drivable state and that the passengers will be safe.

-You’re buying a used car

When you’re buying a secondhand car, it’s imperative to demand a diagnostic repair scan. This way, you can ensure that the vehicle is free of any glitches.

However, it’s not clear whether the seller will shoulder the expenses. Anyway, some of them would have already performed the scan and they will show you the full documentation.

However, you should know that diagnostic scans may not be applicable for vintage cars with no computer systems.

-Automatic features don’t engage properly

If you have a strong feeling that something is off on your car, it’s best to ask for a diagnostic repair scan. This is very important, especially if the automatic features are failing.

Although you can dismiss it as an isolated case, some things are better diagnosed professionally. The last thing you want to experience is an over-accelerating car that’s out of your control.

Does car insurance cover diagnostic scans?

Unfortunately, most car insurance companies won’t pay for the diagnostic scan. Nevertheless, some will agree to pay only if the scan detects an issue.

Expect that the insurance company will demand a more detailed reason why the scan is necessary. The OEM advisory is usually not enough to convince them.

For this, you can ask your mechanic to provide documentation of the scan to increase your chances of getting a payout.