How to Protect Your Car in Parking Lots 

It may sound surprising, but parking lot accidents are extremely common. Every year, hundreds die and thousands get injured in low-impact collisions in parking lots. These kinds of mishaps are very preventable only if drivers pay more attention to the signs and the people around them.

The biggest mistake drivers make when maneuvering in a parking lot is becoming too complacent. Since it’s a contained area with no crowd, they tend to skip checking the rear and sides.

If you don’t want to be one of the statistics, you better pay attention to these safety tips:

Always look at the signs

One of the basics of driving is looking and following road signs. This is the same when you’re parking your car. Pay attention to the arrows, lines, and signs around you to prevent any accidents. It’s a simple thing you can do that will also benefit other drivers that are in the parking lot with you.

Be slow and cautious

Some think that since they are in a parking lot, they can reverse without checking the surroundings. This is a big no-no.

Parking lots are a favorite playground for kids waiting for their parents. And with a little kid to your rear, it’s easy to miss it if you don’t check carefully.

This is why you should reverse and drive slowly and make sure that you checked all sides of your vehicle.

Center your car properly

Don’t be that driver that everyone hates in the parking lot. Make sure that you have parked and centered your vehicle properly without going beyond the assigned lines. This is so the cars parking beside you won’t have to deal with your negligence.

This will also protect your car from damage as some drivers may not notice crooked parking right away. If you’re new to driving, practice is necessary, much so for parallel parking.

Utilize your car’s parking technology

Modern cars are equipped with rear cameras, sensors, and other cross-traffic alert systems that will prevent collisions. It will also alert you if someone is at the rear of your car. These technologies will be your eye around your car. You might as well utilize these to prevent accidents.

Remember that these technologies in your car are placed in the vehicle for a good purpose.

Watch out for pedestrians

Always keep an eye on pedestrians before you reverse. Parking lots are like mazes, someone can come out of nowhere. If you’re not vigilant, you might hit somebody and cause legal complications on your end.

Don’t park when you’re distracted

Most of all, never park if you’re using your phone or busy at something. Besides, you should never drive or operate a vehicle if your attention isn’t on the road.

Distracted driving is a legal offense. A traffic violation ticket is the last thing you’d want to get in the middle of a busy day.

Final words

Parking may seem easy, but if you’re not careful, it may end up in an accident. Remember that focus, caution, and hawk-eye are necessary to prevent any collision.