How to Care for Your Car in the Summer

Summer makes you think about hitting the beach, getting a nice golden tan, or eating a fresh seafood platter. But have you ever thought about your car and how it’s such a bad time for them?

There are so many things that could go wrong. Blown out tires and overheating are just some of them. It’s a good thing that most of these problems are preventable. All you have to do is read our guide on how to care for your car in the summer.


6 Car Care Tips for Surviving Summer

1. Keep the engine cool

Overheating is quite common during summertime. But you can avoid it with some tricks. For instance, you shouldn’t leave your car and A/C running when in idle. Turn them off so the engine stays cool. You should also give your car a break between long drives so the engine can rest.

Have your car serviced professionally to ensure that the engine is in good working condition. And don’t forget to keep watch of your vehicle’s temperature gauge throughout summer to prevent overheating.


2. Protect your car’s interior

Apart from the engine, your car’s interiors could also get damaged in the summer. Seat covers may fade and the dashboard could warp under intense heat. Use windshield sun shades and/or a reflective car cover to deflect heat while your car is parked. Always park your car in the shade and never leave it out in direct sunlight.

Did you know? Parking in a cool place also increases your fuel efficiency. It prevents fuel in the gas tank from evaporating in the heat.


3. Make sure the A/C is in tip-top shape

Airconditioning can help keep your car’s interiors cool while driving. See if the cabin air filter needs replacing to improve its cooling function and prolong its lifespan. Consider having your A/C serviced before summer arrives.


4. Perform fluid maintenance

Your vehicle needs to stay hydrated too, you know – especially during summer. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Change your oil regularly, not just once! Frequent oil changes will prevent your engine and radiator from overheating if you use your car a lot. Also, keep the oil at a viscosity that is recommended by your car maker.
  • Maintain high coolant levels for the rest of summer, as it keeps the engine cool. Check your radiator and hoses for signs of wear and tear since they might cause the coolant to leak.
  • Give your car its fill of transmission fluid and power steering fluid.

5. Check on the battery

Hot weather can shorten its lifespan. So before summer hits, ensure that your car battery is properly mounted and that terminals aren’t corroded. Furthermore, you should have battery and battery fluids checked and tested by a professional car service.


6. Inflate your car tires

Keeping your car tires at the right pressure is a must all year round. But it’s even more important in the summer. Driving against hot pavement already poses the risk of blowing out your tires. Fully inflating them at the correct pressure can help you avoid blowouts.