How Technology Can Reduce Your Risk of a Collision

According to statistics, about 1.3 million people die each year due to car accidents all over the world. And with over 143 million Americans commuting daily, it’s essential to stay safe while on the road. Aside from being a defensive driver, you can also utilize pieces of technology to improve your driving safety and to dodge accidents.


Many car crashes and collision incidents are due to distracted driving. Most use their phones to text, call, or perform a task. But in the same vein, we can use technology to reduce the risk of car-related accidents.

Rearview backup cameras

Rearview cams are one of the simplest forms of technology you can utilize to reduce the risk of collision. It offers a 360-degree view of the car’s surroundings, which you can quickly see on your dashboard screen. This is very useful, especially for drivers who are having a hard time backing out of a tightly packed parking area.

In fact, there’s a federal law that requires rearview cameras to be installed in modern cars. It’s a simple integration that can save many lives.

Auto emergency braking (AEB) system

AEB is a new technology that prevents collisions by utilizing a device that will halt the car’s movement. This is useful for drivers who have impaired senses due to exhaustion. In low-speed driving, AEB will detect the vehicle in front of you to prevent rear-end collision.

Meanwhile, high-speed systems scan up to 650 feet ahead of your vehicle to detect other cars. If you breach the minimum distance, the AEB will engage the brakes automatically.

For pedestrian systems, AEB will also factor in the movements around to assess the risk of a collision.

Safe driving apps

Using mobile phones tops the list of the culprit behind car collisions. But as much as smartphones are a bane in driving, you can also utilize it for better purposes. You can download safe driving apps that will allow hands-free talking, traffic advice, controlled music, and other features. Some are even voice-controlled so that you can keep your eyes on the road at all times.

The good thing about safe driving apps is that most of them come for free.  There’s no excuse not to use one.

Cross-traffic alert system

A cross-traffic alert system is used in conjunction with rearview cameras. What it does is it alerts the driver of approaching vehicles and moving objects or people. This way, the driver can back out safely or stay safe while crossing an intersection.

Take note that this system can cover either the back or the sides of the car. Each one has its advantages, so make sure that it suits your needs.

Lane departure warning

Some drivers tend to veer out of their lanes due to inattention or negligent driving. This will cause collisions, especially on blind curves. With this system in place, the driver will be alerted through visual, audio, or vibratory signals. With that, he or she can take steps to stay within the prescribed lane.

Years ago, the lane departure warning system was only available on luxury cars. Nowadays, it can be found in many compact and affordable models.