How Does Car Restoration Works? (Part 2)

In How Does Car Restoration Works? (Part 1), I shared an introduction about car restoration and the questions to ask yourself before you start a restoration project. So today, the goal is to check for yourself if car restoration is indeed for you.

Restoration just does not mean looking nice on the outside. When we talk about full factory restoration means changing almost all the parts to new ones. Well, a lot of restorers would like to make their work accurate, meaning it looks exactly how it used to be.

You need the correct tools such as hammers, torque wrenches, clamps, screwdrivers to mention a few. You need other tools like welding, buffing, sanding, etc. You can always refer to the guidebooks you can find online.

Let’s deal with the interior part of the car first.

For instance, we will try to do a job for a 1965 Ford Mustang. It is a famous choice because its parts are accessible in the market. If a car looks smashing outside, but peeking inside, you notice the interior looks horrible.classic blue vehicle between vineyard photo

The work needed relies on the condition of your car.  Then, find out what your car needs. Do you upholster it or buy new seats? Know which ones can be fixed and which ones has to be replaced. Check the sound system, do you want the original or you fancy a newer one with a CD player?

Next, you have to clean up, and vacuum the car. You have take off floor panels and inner door panels and clean with solvent or any cleaning solution. If you want to take off the original pieces, do it portion by portion. Also, do not forget the small details like the sun visor and glove compartment.

To save money, remember that there are parts of the car you can save like the door panels. You can always use chrome spray paint for the trim in the interior of your car.

It’s time for exterior to shine.

For the exterior, the best thing to do is to strip the whole car until the metal underneath is seen. Your car needs to look perfect if you intend to sell it in the future. You should take off every panel from the frame and take off the old paint. You can use chemical treatments or sandblasting to accomplish that. You can put a grey epoxy primer first before painting it again one piece at a time putting each one back to its place.

Now, rust is a big issue you can either sandblast it or change the whole thing. In some instances you can just take off the area where the rust is by cutting it away and then weld it in a fresh metal sheet. Once this is done, you are now ready to paint the car.

Then, take a look at the exterior like the mirrors, door handles, gas cap, and so on. All these little details need to repaired or replaced.


Restoring the source of power. 

This is the most important part of the restoration, the engine! Disassemble the engine and find out what can be fixed and what specific parts need replacement.

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