How are different types of body damage repaired?

How are different types of body damage repaired?

No vehicle is immune to damage. Whether it occurs as the result of an accident or of something more innocuous such as the weather, sooner or later your car will get damaged. The important thing to know is how the type of damage affects the repairs. That’s because different types of body damage is repaired in different ways. Here’s what you need to know.


Damage from weather

Many people don’t realize the amount of damage that the weather can do to your car. If your car is exposed to harsh elements for a long time there is a good chance that it will need a new paint job or a crack on the window will need to be fixed. Typically these repairs are inexpensive and easy to carry out. Normally, there won’t be any need to leave your car in the shop overnight unless a serious paint job is required. Even a chipped window can be quickly repaired in a matter of minutes if you take your vehicle to the right collision repair center.


Damage from scratches and dents

Cars attract scratches like nobody’s business. Whether it is a scratch from a stray shopping cart in a parking lot or a scratch caused by someone opening their car door and hitting your vehicle, suffice to say your car will be covered in scratches if you don’t do something about it. Small scratches are relatively easy to get buffed out if you take your car to a reputable repair shop. Bigger scratches should still be easy to repair but the repair center may need to spend a bit more time on them and use a body filler or paint to do the job perfectly.

Your car is also likely to get dented every now and then. Some scratches can even accompany dents if the object that caused the dent is large enough or heavy enough, Thankfully, dents are almost as easy to remove as scratches, even if there is accompanying paint damage.


Damage from collisions

Any serious damage to your car—vandalism aside—is likely to be caused by a collision. Collision can result in the kind of damage listed above such as dents, scratches and windshield chips, but they can also cause much more significant damage, including structural damage. What’s more, a lot of the damage that occurs in collisions may not be noticeable by the naked eye. A lot of the damage can be hidden by the frame of the car and it can take an expert to notice it.

This is why it is so important for vehicle owners to take their vehicles to a trusted collision repair center as soon as possible after a collision. Even if a car looks and feels safe to drive, underlying damage could make it very, very dangerous.


No vehicle is immune to accidents. When your vehicle suffers damage, bring it to Chaney’s Collision Repair Centers for a quick and effective solution.