Hidden Problems Caused by Rear-end Collisions

Having your car rear-ended is the worst. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it and if the other driver is uninsured you are left to foot the bill. Most rear-end collisions are not that serious, resulting in scuffed bumpers and broken tail lights, however. This means that many drivers don’t bother to get the damage repaired immediately, or at all in some cases. The trouble is that fender benders can cause a number of hidden problems to your car that may not show up for ages without a thorough inspection. But these problems could put you and your passengers’ lives at risk, as well as the integrity of your vehicle. Here are some of the hidden problems caused by rear-end collisions.

Frame Bending

Most cars’ bumpers are plastic which have been designed and painted to resemble the rest of the metal frame. But that means that when they get cracked or dented, there is a good chance that the damage may have reached the metal structural frame behind them. Even minor accidents can cause frame damage to your car. This can significantly reduce the amount of impact your car can withstand, putting you in danger if you experience another collision.

Misaligned Wheels

There may be no noticeable physical signs when your wheels are knocked out of alignment by a rear-end collision. However, you may notice it when driving. If your vehicle starts to swerve, the steering wheel seems wobbly, or you feel unusual vibrations while driving, your wheels could be misaligned. Cars with misaligned wheels are obviously dangerous to drive but they can also cause uneven wear on your tires.

Electrical Issues

Even a small jolt can cause issues with the electrical wiring that exists at the rear of your car. This can affect a number of electronic components such as your speakers and sound system, your car’s battery, and, perhaps most importantly, your tail and signal lights. This isn’t just a nuisance, it is downright dangerous.

Trunk Malfunctions

Your trunk could be in for a lot of trouble in the event of a rear-end collision. For one, it is a prime target to suffer a lot of damage. But even if it doesn’t look like it has been impacted, it could still suffer from the following problems. The trunk lid could pop open unexpectedly while driving, not lock or not even open in the first place. Worst of all, you probably won’t notice any of these issues until you need to get into or lock your trunk.


If your car has been involved in a rear-end collision, we recommend that you bring it in to be repaired immediately. You never know what damage may be hiding underneath that scratched bumper or broken tail light. Here at Chaney’s Collision Centers we offer free appraisals to all of our customers and can identify whether any serious issues are hiding beneath superficial damage. Give us a call or bring your car in today to find out more.