Car Care Tips: Fluids You Should Check Regularly

One of the most important and often overlooked car care necessities are your fluids. There are three main fluids that you should really try to keep an eye on yourself, if you feel comfortable checking, or that you should have your mechanic check regularly.   These fluids help your vehicle function well, and can prevent major damage if maintained correctly. Here’s an overview of three major fluids to check regularly in your vehicle:

Brake Fluid
Brake fluid is a necessity to keeping your brakes in good working order, and is very important to your safety. The performance of your brakes will be compromised if you do not have the correct amount of brake fluid in your vehicle. You always want to be able to stop your vehicle quickly and efficiently when you need to, so this is a must! Be sure to check on brake fluid regularly with your mechanic whenever you bring your car to the shop.

Motor Oil
This is arguably the most important fluid for good performance in your vehicle. It’s used to lubricate your engine when its running, helps keep the parts moving in it and keeps your car running longer. The two things to keep in mind are levels and frequency. You want to make sure you always have enough oil and you change it appropriately at the correct times so that it stays clean and maintains high performance.

Antifreeze is another very important fluid for your vehicle. It is mixed with water and added to your car’s cooling system. Antifreeze is able to prevent your engine from freezing up during very cold weather. Although we don’t get extremely cold weather often here in Arizona, it is still important to check your antifreeze levels regularly.

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