Best Summer Road Trip Destinations in the Covid Era

Road trips are still on this summer. The only difference in 2020 is that you have some different circumstances and restrictions to follow.

Best Summer Road Trip

That means your options for adventure involve nature, wildlife, and open skies instead of amusement parks and indoor attractions.

Living in the U.S. Southwest gives you many awesome outdoor hiking and social distancing options to find. Here are some excellent 2-3-day road trips you might consider for a short vacation!

Where Should We Drive This Weekend?

  1. Sedona

It’s just a couple of hours from Phoenix to reach this rugged outdoor adventure land. People have come here for years as a way to embrace healing or find their creativity. When you travel in the late summer or early fall, the crowds aren’t as big. Take a Jeep tour, explore the red rocks, and breathe in the fresh air.

  1. Flagstaff

Head to the north to enjoy the mountain air in Flagstaff during the summer. The respite from the heat can be welcoming! It can snow in the early fall some years, giving you a chance at skiing and sledding right away. You can hike the national forest, explore the Ale Trail, and linger at one of the city’s breweries.

It’s less than 100 miles to the Grand Canyon from Flagstaff, giving you another adventure to consider.

  1. Tucson

If you love riding a bike, pack it up in your car and drive two hour south. The city sponsors the 104-mile Tour de Tucson each year, but you can follow the route all year long. You’ll find plenty of desert trails to follow for hiking, especially in Saguaro National Park. A visit to San Xavier del Back Mission is fun, or you can explore the wineries in the area.

  1. Lake Havasu City

You’ll need three hours to reach this outdoor playground. It has had a reputation for being a college Spring Break destination in the past, but it is also the perfect place for an ATV excursion. You’ll find camping and beaches to enjoy at the state park, while the storied London Bridge serves as the backdrop for your adventure. It got dismantled in 1967 and shipped here to get put together again.

If you’d like to see more options for a summer road trip outside of Arizona, stay tuned for the second part featuring a few other locations a little further away next week!