Avoiding Back Pain While Driving

Hitting the road for hours can give unforgiving back pain. This is common among many drivers but equally easy to prevent. We know that getting stuck on the traffic for hours is nobody’s dream, much so if paired with a backache. Here, we have some tips that will help prevent lumbar pain while driving:

Don’t sit too straight

It’s ideal to maintain a good posture while driving, but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to sit straight like a robot. There’s a fine line between sitting properly and sitting rigidly. In the end, you may stress your back muscles, which will hurt in the long run. Just follow our tips below and your sitting position should be fine.

Use a lumbar support

You can purchase additional back support to prop your back better while sitting behind the wheel. This support will also prevent you from developing bad posture. Aside from that, lumbar supports are usually curved to contour with the natural alignment of your spine. If lumbar support isn’t handy, you can use a pillow as an alternative for the moment.

Hold the steering wheel well

Imagine your stirring wheel as the face of the clock. Your right hand should be on 3 and the left on 9. This means that you’ll be holding the wheel in the middle with hands parallel to each other.

Holding the wheel too high will strain your upper body. Also, slouching and placing your hands on top of the wheel isn’t advisable either.

Don’t exaggerate the tilt

You’re free to adjust the tilt of your seat to achieve the distance that you find most comfortable for driving. However, don’t over-tilt your seat to the point that you’re already slouching to reach the wheel.

If your arms are fully extended and your elbows are locked, this means that your seat is tilted too much. Crank it up closer to the wheel until your elbows are bent comfortably.

Set the right seat height

Aside from the seat distance from the wheel, you should also adjust the seat height accordingly. A seat that’s too high will cause your extremities to go numb or to reach out to the pedals laboriously. However, a seat that’s too low will cause your knees to hit the bottom of the stirring wheel.

Mind the headrest

The headrest is installed to prevent whiplash, not for your comfort. Basically, the headrest should have the same height as your head. Also, there should be a minimal distance between your head and the headrest while driving.

This way, you’ll experience a milder whiplash if you figure in an accident. It also lets you rest your head if you get stuck on traffic.

Take a break

Long drives will strain your back and shoulders. It’s best to have multiple stop-overs so you can stretch and refresh yourself. Also, it’s an excellent way to shake off your frustration from heavy traffic and reckless motorists. Make sure that you stretch those hips for another driving session.