8 Modifications that Are Not Allowed in the U.S. (Part 2)

In 4 Modifications that Are Not Allowed in the U.S. (Part 1), I discussed the 3 kinds of car modifications, which are functional, aesthetic, and performance modifications. Likewise, I also share the first 4 modifications that are not allowed in the U.S. Today, I would like to continue and share the rest to you.

Radar Detectors

This electronic device catch radio waves or signals. This is a kid of electromagnetic energy that could send off radars just like what the police uses to find the cars that are driving beyond their speed limit.

The states of Virginia, Colorado, states of California, Illinois, South Carolina, Minnesota, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah considers radar jammers unlawful. This is because it has the ability to intentionally give out radio frequency signals. This messes up with the operation of the radar by congesting the receiver with noise and bogus data.

Laser Jammers

It is like the radar jammer in a sense but laser jammers use laser light to read the speed of the vehicle. It is not illegal to buy and sell laser jammers and putting it in your vehicle. Nevertheless, the concern here is how it is used. 

Muffler Pipes

This means taking off the muffler from the exhaust system to soften the noise released by your vehicle. Remember that it is an essential part of the entire exhaust system. In most states, it is considered illegal.

Neon Lights

These colors are disturbing to drivers and it could be thought of as coming from a police car. This is why any flashing lights such as blue and red are not allowed from public streets in a few states.

Off-Road Lights

If you installed a non-approved lamps in your car it is viewed as an “off-road lamps.” Therefore, if you are driving in the highway, make sure you have an opaque cover.

As a general rule, lights that conformed to the conditions are marked by the manufacturer to show its authenticity. It must not be used on standard roads and a danger to other motorists. It is likewise unlawful.red car blowing turbo

Loud Exhaust

A puffing sound is telling you that there is an obstruction in your exhaust system. If you hear a sharp knocking sound under your vehicle, then there is an incorrect alignment in your exhaust system. Meanwhile, a noisy metallic trembling sound is warning you that something is in contact with your exhaust pipe. It is also possible that a support bracket, a clamp or mounting is not fastened or screwed well. This is considered as noise pollution and it is unlawful.

Studded Snow Tires

This type of tires has metal studs implanted in the tread to have a better traction when there is snow. So if the weather is better, this kind of tires can damage the road.

Nitrous Oxide

It is popularly known as laughing gas nitrous. At a high temperature, it is a good oxidizer. It is not unlawful to have this in your car, but it is illegal if you have the system connected as a Nitrous Oxide.

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