7 Things That Damage Car Paint

Car paint is very sensitive to various chemicals and elements. Over time, exposure to harsh environments will have an effect on the paint’s quality. So before your car sustains unsightly spots, it’s best to prevent these damaging substances from getting into your vehicle.

Below, we listed seven of the most notorious things that will damage your car:

Bird droppings 

Bird droppings contain loads of bacteria and acid that, if not cleaned right away, will trigger corrosion of your car paint. Take note that exposure to the hot sun will cook the bird droppings and cause further damage to your car.

The substance will harden on top of the paint and leave a stain after washing. This is difficult to remove and may leave permanent marks.

Tree sap

Like bird droppings, tree sap can dry and bake into your car’s paint over time. After a few days, the tree sap will be difficult to wash away and will create a rough and faded appearance. Take note that washing dried tree sap alone isn’t enough to remove all of the traces. You have to use a special cleaner to lift the particles.


The winter season can be very unforgiving in some areas. Although snow is soft and fluffy, it will harden into ice and cover your car. And if you scrape and chisel it off from the car, there’s a chance that you’re going to chip a layer of the paint. Take note that ice becomes dry in very cold environments. And with the paint layer all frozen and brittle, hasty removal of the ice will cause trouble to your vehicle.


Are you guilty of spilling the gas on the side of your car? If so, you shouldn’t take this bad habit lightly. Gasoline is an abrasive substance and its residue isn’t very easy to clean. It can eat the wax layer of your car and wreak havoc on the paint.

If you happen to spill some gas on the paint of your car, always wipe it off with a spray detailer. That way, the gasoline residue won’t be left baking under the sun.

Silly string

If you’re headed to a party, you should watch out for silly string. This stuff stains and will leave a discolored trace on your car if left sitting for days. If someone sprays silly string on your car, remove it as soon as possible so it won’t get stuck.


Tar from the asphalt of the road may come flying up onto the undercarriage of your car and the painted sides. This substance is difficult to clean and will get stuck on the paint if not washed right away. You may need to use a special cleaner to remove tar splatters from the paint.


Last but not the least, you should keep an eye against bugs. During summer, bug splatters are common sightings on the car paint. Make sure that you clean this right away to prevent the acid from triggering a chemical reaction with the car’s paint.