5 Questions to Ask Your Mechanic Every Time You Go in for Service

No driver likes bringing their cars to a mechanic. It often means two things: there’s a problem in their vehicle, and they have to pay for repairs. Still, a mechanic’s job is indispensable to ensure that your vehicle is in the best shape for the road.

But before you sign the papers, make sure that you ask the following questions to your mechanic:

How much do diagnostics cost?

You wouldn’t want to be slapped with a hefty bill right after the repairs. It’s important to ask the mechanic how much it will cost you for the diagnostics. This will vary per mechanic, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Take note that the cost for troubleshooting is separate from the repairs. As much as you want to fix your car’s problem, you wouldn’t want to pay a fortune just for the diagnosis.

Aside from the diagnostics cost, you should also inquire about the price for the repairs. This will help you align your budget, so you can find ways to save some money.

Can I get a written estimate?

The number one rule when dealing with mechanics is asking for a written estimate. The mechanic should give you a complete breakdown of expenses for each repair that your car needs. Everything should be included in the fine print. This includes but is not limited to parts, labor, discounts, taxes, and so on.

Through a written estimate, you can spot hidden fees. There are mechanics who will inflate costs when they sense that the car owner isn’t knowledgeable about the repairs.

By asking for a written estimate, the mechanic will know that you’re not one to mess with when it comes to prices.

Are you ASE certified?

Auto mechanics that are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence have passed high standards. An ASE Blue Seal of Excellence is solid proof of a mechanic’s skill level.

A mechanic with this seal is highly trained, experienced, and trusted for all types of automotive repairs. This means that your vehicle is in good hands.

Do you specialize in specific car models?

Whether you’re driving a Bugatti or a Honda, it’s important to ask if the mechanic specializes in a specific make and model. This will give you an idea if the mechanic is skilled enough to handle the car repairs you need.

You can also ask about the previous jobs they’ve undertaken. Experience in various auto repairs is an added guarantee on your part as a car owner.

Are the replacement parts warranty-covered?

As much as possible, you’d want the replacement parts to be warranty-covered. It’s an added peace of mind, and it will also score you good points on your insurer. OEM parts are the best pick if you want to retain your car’s warranty.


Asking the right questions at the auto shop will save you from the hassle. It will help you know more about the needed repairs and the cost it entails. Professional mechanics surely won’t mind answering all your inquiries. If the mechanic is hesitant or agitated with your questions, take it as a sign to look elsewhere.