4 Car Repair Myths You Should NOT Believe

Car accident can be disorienting and traumatizing, especially if it’s the first accident you experience.

During this time, you will be asked several questions about your car and about the damages. Sadly, there are myths spreading around like wildfire. Worse, these myths can even influence people’s decision in how to get their car repaired. In this blog post, I will try to bust some myths.

blue sedan on ground

As a responsible car owner, we should not easily believe rumors. Instead, we should all do our part in researching about the proper way of handling car damages and collision repairs. Most importantly, your vehicle should reliably repaired so that you are sure that you aren’t putting your life at risk. To clear things up, below are 4 common repair myths that should be stopped.

  1. The Insurance Company Chooses the Auto Repair Shop

  • This is definitely NOT true because you are the driver and you have the right to choose an auto repair ship that you deem fit.
  • Of course, the insurance companies would like you to pick the cheaper option, but you get the final say. Besides, most insurance companies have ties to local repair shops in specific places. These companies may have form an allegiance to help decrease repair costs.  At the end of the day, you can take your car to an auto shop of your choice, and your insurance will definitely respect your decision.
  1. The Dealer Is the Only Authorize Shop to Repair Your Car

  • To be honest, this is a common misconception because many people believe that only the dealership that manufactures and sells the vehicles (Ford Motor Company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles , General Motors) can fix your model. No, not true. Non-dealer auto body shops can fix your car.
  • These non-dealer auto shops can order the exact — and original! — parts of your car the right way.  They have also the right technicians and equipments to repair your damaged car. So, the next time you need car repairs, you can go to an auto body shop of your choice.
  1. A Damaged Frame Should Be Replaced

  • Another misconception is that a damaged frame cannot be repaired. You see, a simple fender bender can even lead to a damaged frame. So, if this is true, then, insurance companies should treat all damaged cars a total loss.
  • Frames can be fixed just as long as it is still structurally safe.  A little dent should still be repairable.
  1. Insurance Shoulders All the Repairs

  • Many people believe this to be true. Unfortunately, it is not. How much the insurance will cover is totally dependent on the policy terms you agreed upon.
  • This is why you should carefully study the policies before signing. If you are at fault, you will need a pay a specific amount. If another driver was responsible, it should be their insurance that should pay for any repair costs.

When you met an unexpected accident, don’t believe the repair myths out you read online. Instead, ask a reliable auto repair shop like Chaney’s Collision Centers. For all your collision repair needs, the technicians at Chaney’s Collision Centers are ASE Certified and I-CAR Platinum Certified.