Ways to Save Money on Gas (Part 1)

The amount of gas you use for your vehicle depends on fuel efficiency, which varies on factors like the size of the engine or cargo weight. But there are more factors that affect the general fuel effectively such as how you handle the vehicle, the environment, the driving and mechanical conditions.

Another way to save on your gas money is the correct way of your vehicle’s maintenance, ways in driving will surely increase your car’s gas mileage by more or less 10%. The first thing you should consider is to learn the best driving habits which includes:person in red shirt wearing silver bracelet holding red and black metal tool

  • Go on driving, but decrease on driving.

The best way to decrease your gas consumption is to schedule all your errands in one travel. You can take a walk, bike, or ride the bus or train. You can also do car sharing.

  • Drive reasonably.

When you over speed even around your area, or do speedy acceleration and braking, this will decrease your gas mileage by 5% and 33% at high speeds. Have a good distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you to prevent braking and acceleration. If you have to do so, do it moderately. This will not just save at least 10% of your fuel consumption, but it is also safer for you.

  • Take off the extra weight.

The lesser the weight you carry inside your vehicle, the lower your gas usage. This will make a big difference especially for the smaller vehicles.

  • Don’t spend too much time idling.

Do not allow your engine idling over a minute. This will just cost you half a gallon of gas every hour. It also pumps carbon dioxide in the air.

  • Watch for your speed limit.

When you drive more than 50 mph, expect gas consumption to increase on every 5 mph you over the 50 mark.

  • Transporting load on the roof of your vehicle.

Whatever you put on the roof of your vehicle, it adds more to the drag. And if you think this does not affect your gas mileage, you are wrong. Being smart is not loading heavy stuff on your roof.

  • Utilize your cruise control.

This will save fuel but just on flat roads. Although if you practice competent driving you could always read and respond to changes compared to the computer of your car.

  • Do not warm up your car too long.

New cars does not need to warm-up for a long time but with older vehicles, it is needed. The modern cars warms up to start in about 10 to 30 seconds. If you do it for one whole minute, you will be just wasting your fuel. It also pollutes the air.

  • Stay away from rugged roads.

Driving through rugged, filthy or gravel roads can damage your extra fuel mileage by 30%. That is because the driver has to decrease his speed, step on the break more frequently, and accelerate on tough spot.

  • Take off your left foot on the brake pedal when you are driving

Step on the pedal when necessary only unless you would like to have that “mechanical drag” on your parts that can result to a “brake fade.” More tips to be discussed on Ways to Save Money on Gas (Part 2)!


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