The Best Way to Clean Your Car’s Tires

Proper car tire maintenance is key to stretching its lifespan. It will also improve the tire’s performance on the road.

After you’ve scrubbed your car inside and out, you should also perform these steps on the tires:

Step 1. Get your supplies

To clean your car tires, you need a spray nozzle, microfiber towel, and car wash soap. You should also prepare a soft-bristled brush, a wheel brush, and a waxing mitt.

If you don’t have car wash soap available, you can switch to a 70/30 baking soda and vinegar mix. A mix of warm water and dish soap will also work.

Step 2. Rinse the tires

The next step in cleaning your tires is to give them a good rinse. Using your spray nozzle, remove any gunk stuck on the treads of your tires.

Make sure that you use the nozzle at multiple angles. This will allow you to remove as much dirt as possible before you start scrubbing with soap.

Moreover, you should rinse your tires on top, bottom, and sides. Take your time and make sure that the spray nozzle has the ideal pressure to lift dirt.

Step 3. Scrub the dirt

Next, soak your tires with soapy water. Then, start scrubbing to remove stuck grime in between the tire treads.

If your tires are soiled and extremely dirty, you should let the soap soak for a few minutes before scrubbing. This will soften any muck clinging to the rubber.

Make sure that you also scrub the tire rim to remove dirt that could trigger corrosion. For tough stains and dirt, vinegar and water will be a big help.

Step 4. Give a final rinse

Once you’re done removing the dirt, you should give your tires a final rinse. Make sure that there are no soap suds left, as this will negatively impact the next step.

After that, wipe your car tires using microfiber towels. Make sure that your tires are bone-dry before proceeding with the next step.

Step 5. Apply tire wax

Tire wax serves as a lubricant for the rubber, so it won’t dry out and crack easily. It’s also called tire dressing since it makes the tires glossy and aesthetically appealing.

However, you should avoid solvent-based tire dressings as they can damage your paint. Instead, it’s best to use tire wax that you can apply using a waxing mitt.

Unlike solvent-based dressings, tire waxes don’t stay wet. It also has just the right shine without looking drippy.

How often should you clean your tires?

It’s recommended to clean your tires every 2 to 3 months, depending on how dirty it gets. The good thing is that you can perform this maintenance task at home using a few supplies.

If you’re bringing your car for detailing, you can also request a thorough tire cleaning. Just make sure that the shops offer this kind of service in the first place.


Paying more attention to your tires will increase your road safety and the wheels’ lifespan. Cleaning the tires will also give you a chance to inspect for worn-out treads and similar damages. Whether you’re doing it at home or hiring a professional, what matters is it’s done regularly and properly.