Is Preventive Maintenance for Your Car Important? (Part 2)

In Is Preventive Maintenance for Your Car Important? (Part 1), I have discussed the basic tips such as checking the manual, doing a routine inspection, and so on. Now, I have more tips today about Preventive Maintenance Schedule so let’s get right into it.

man beside parked car during night

  • Take a look at the serpentine and timing belts

Do not rely on what people say like you have to change your timing belt every 60,000 miles or for every 40,000 miles you need to change your serpentine belt more or less. Simply read your manual and if you misplaced it, go online. You can also ask your mechanic to check and if you need a replacement, do it right away. Postponing could damage an accessory, then you might have to spend more than if you replaced the worn-out belt.

  • Check your oil.

Oil is your vehicle’s engine driving force. Take a look at your oil and make sure to change it periodically. It is essential in keeping your engine functioning very smoothly and making the most miles of it.  The oil greases the inside moving parts of the engine which enables them not to wear-out. It likewise assist the engine to be clean and avoid build-up of dirt and aids in restraining overheating.

Use either a dipstick or electronic gauge to check the level of both the oil’s color and oil level. If you can distinguish between dirty or dark oil to a clean one, then you know there is a problem.

  • See if your battery has clean contacts.

Nowadays, batteries are easier to manage, but you should learn to find out if there is any leak or accumulation of mineral. If you find that you need to clean it, use a battery cleaning brush. Another good purchase is a jump starter or a battery tester. A jump starter is like a jumper cables but it does not need another vehicle to give it power to help the dead battery. Soon, your vehicle will start unless something else is wrong with it. Remember to change your battery before the warranty expires.

  • Change the wipers if your windshield gets barred.

This often happens when they are overworked during rainy days. Could be also because of an on and off usage of it. Don’t worry, it does not cost much and you can do the job yourself. You can also clean your windshield in the inside and on the outside. Remember visibility is vital for safe driving.

  • Change your cabin air filter. 

A cabin air filter makes sure that no dust, smog, pollen, mold spores or pollutants enter its heating ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC. If your air filter is muddy then your engine will have to work double time, have higher emissions, needs more fuel, and the engine can lose its power. It could also affect the performance of your A/C system.



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