How to Keep Your Tires Black

Black and shiny tires are aesthetically appealing. This is why car owners spend a lot of money on ‘tire dressing’ to achieve a sleek look.

However, tire maintenance is more than just looks. Aside from keeping it shiny, you also have to ensure that your tires are well-conditioned to last long.

If you also want to keep your tires black, here are the steps you can do at home.

Wash your tires

The first thing you need to do is clean your tires. You can rinse it with soapy water to remove gunk and dirt. If there is deep-seated debris, you can scrub it off using a bristle brush.

Moreover, you can also use a pressure washer to speed things up. You should use a 25-degree nozzle and a pressure not more than 1,900 psi for the best results.

If you don’t have the time, you can take your vehicle to a local car wash before you proceed with the next steps.

Dry the tires

Once you’re done washing and rinsing, you should dry your tires using a microfiber towel. Unlike other towels, microfiber types are highly absorbent and won’t leave lint on the rubber.

Most of the time, car owners would be happy to end the process here. But if you want to keep your tires black, you should proceed with the next step.

It’s important to wait for the tires to dry before proceeding to tire dressing. This is to ensure that the wax or solvent will adhere well to the rubber.

Apply tire dressing

Tire dressing enhances the appearance of your wheels. Also, it has a lubricating action that will prevent the rubber from cracking.

You can use a tire wax or liquid tire lubricant for this purpose. With the tire wax, you’ll achieve just the right gloss while keeping the wheels black.

But if you want a bolder finish, a liquid lubricant would be a good choice. It remains wet-looking, so your tires will appear clean, glossy, and sleek.

However, waxes last longer and lubricate the rubber better. It also has a mild adhesive factor that keeps it clinging to the tire surface.

How often should I use tire dressing?

Generally, you should deep-clean your tires every three months. At the same time, you should apply tire wax once your wheels are clean and dry.

In the end, it depends on your preference and how fast your tires get dirty. You’re free to perform touch-ups if your tires are losing their shine and black color.

You can also bring your car to a detailing shop if you’re too busy for DIY tire dressing. Make sure that the shop specializes in this kind of service for the best results.


Black tires are aesthetically appealing, but they should also have a restorative benefit. This way, your car tires both look good and work well at the same time.

Moreover, you should use the right product to enhance the look of your tires. You can ask your trusted technician about the best option for your vehicle.