How to Change a Headlight Bulb

You know how important your car headlights are, we don’t need to tell you that. It is very rare for car headlights to go out, but sometimes they do. The headlight lamp could go out all of a sudden and there is little you can do about that – except to change or replace it.

In this article, we will give you step by step directions on how to change a headlight in a vehicle. But first, you should know what caused the headlight to go out.

For that, you will simply need to observe carefully.

Put the headlights on.

See if it’s just a bulb that has gone out and how many have gone out. If it’s just one bulb, then all you need to do is to replace that particular bulb. If you have a spare bulb in your garage, this should be easy enough for you.

If that doesn’t work, it’s probably because the filament has burnt out. In that case you should bring your car to a reputable garage shop in Arizona, close to where you are.

Now, what causes headlights to go out, just like that?

#1: Wear and Tear over Time – The most common reason for headlights to go out is old age. If you’ve had the same car for more than 10 years, then there is a strong risk that the headlights could go out any time.

#2: Extreme Heat or Cold – This is an issue common in Arizona – headlights go out more often than not because of the extreme temperatures in our state.

#3: Oxidation – Oxidation of the plastic housing is a big problem with some of the new models of halogen bulbs on the market. This causes the light to dim somewhat, appear yellowish and eventually goes out.

#4: Damaged bulb housing – Are there any cracks in the bulb housing? That could cause some of the bulbs to burn out sooner than expected. You have to be very careful when replacing the bulbs in this case. Only handle them with rubber gloves, or else the sweat from your fingers could burn out even the functioning bulbs in the headlight.

So, how do you change a headlight bulb?

Step #1: Check your owner’s manual very carefully first for any abnormalities.

Step #2: Be sure the car is turned off, with the keys out of the ignition.

Step #3:  Disconnect the power wires of the headlight. There are usually three wires attached to the base of the light bulb. You’ll need to remove the cap attached to the base first.

Step #4: Unscrew the damaged headlight bulb. If the air filter or the battery is in the way, then you’ll need to remove the inner fender first and get through to the screw behind it.

Step #5: Once the headlight is opened, you can then quickly change the halogen bulb with rubber gloves on. Take it out gently but surely.

Step #6: Screw the new bulb in place and put everything back in as before.

If you are uncertain or concerned in any way, you can always take your car to an Arizona garage shop near you. Our skilled network of shop technicians are always happy to help!