The Link Between Collision Repair Shops and Insurance Companies

After a collision, one principal cause of stress is fixing your car. We all know that even the slightest damage can be costly and looking for the right auto body repair shop is another stressful activity… AND this becomes harder when an insurance company gets into the scenario!

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Surely, they will recommend a specific auto shops for you to choose from. Here are 3 things you need to know:

The connection of your insurance and the auto body repair shop.

  • When you just had an accident, the first phone call would be your insurance company. Automatically, the staff will suggest a specific car shop or mechanic. On your end, you think that the recommended shop is the best compared to the rest.
  • The insurance adjuster will let you know that the insurance company will not pay for another shop. Worse, you will be told that there were problems reporting a claim that it was you who is at the losing end.
  • The truth is the decision is yours. Know that the insurance companies have absolutely arrangements with auto shops that comes up with a good price. The advantage of which is a specialist who has the fundamental degree of quality. A licensed auto repair shop knows how to file, submit your car insurance claim, and do the necessary paperworks needed. They will take care of getting in touch with your insurance.

Obtaining an honest quote.

  • You can either use your insurance or pay the repairs with your own money. Plus, you still have time to look around for the right repair shop with an affordable quote.
  • Also, if you are at fault in the accident, your insurance company will evaluate amount or value the increase in premium. This will come from the amount of cash that will be paid to the auto repair shop/s.
  • If the other driver’s insurance will end up paying, then, this could hamper payment for the more expensive quote that you got. In the end, you might end up looking for cheaper auto shop.
  • This tells you that there are advantages in utilizing the approved car shop especially if we are talking about time. Most of the time, your insurance provider can simplify everything.

It is up to YOU!

The bottom line is you could check out the approved auto shops by the insurance company… However, in the end, you could decide the perfect fit for you. You can totally go for the repair shop that gives you the best quote and the best service.

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